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Digital Transformation - One of the most coined term of the century.

Our curious customer's FAQs?

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology.

Do We Need a Digital Strategy to Start With?

Need not be a digital strategy but what you really need is a reliable business strategy structured around the digital capabilities of the new normal, and of the future.

I have strategy would I be successful?

Your overall business strategy — not a stand-alone digital strategy — is what will make your transformation successful.

Still confused?

Setting semantics apart, going by realistic trend - Before the pandemic, many companies were making the same mistake: Creating a business-as-usual legacy strategy and applying some elements of digitization to it, such as moving to the cloud or going paperless. a short-term solution that may or may not work – as opposed to a big-picture strategy that has ongoing digital capability at its core.

Is Digital Transformation all about Technology?

Not necessarily. According to Harvard Business Review an estimated 70% failure rate and $900 billion gone to waste in just one year. “Digital technologies provide possibilities for efficiency gains and customer intimacy. But if people lack the right mindset to change and the current organizational practices are flawed, digital transformation will simply magnify those flaws.”

“The real challenge is how to change people’s mindsets, the company culture, and the way people think and do things. It’s a much more fundamental shift than simply adopting technology.”

Digital Transformation - in a nutshell?

Digital transformation is actually about people and processes through understanding and adapting the technology. The people who:

  • Create and execute a future-focused business strategy.
  • Know your company, industry, needs, and goals.
  • Use your products and services.
  • Work in your organization every day.
  • Make your company agile and able to evolve.
  • Pro-actively understand business and technology trends.
  • Lead your company capably through a culture and mindset shift.

How does Dignotiosoft help transform?

We at Dignotiosoft believe in DTaaS - Digital Transformation As A Service. It demands us to closely understand your business processes and associated technologies and evaluate the scope and feasibility studies to travel with you in the journey of true sense of Digital Transformation that is more scalable and sustainable in the long run.

Project timeline - DTaaS


What to automate?

• Discover business use case(s) that can be automated.


Infrastructure Setup

• Designing the server architecture.
• Installing and configuring the architecture.
• Setting up dev, test & production environments.


Project Governance

• Agreeing on the project development approach.
• Reviewing the RPA best practices.


Workflow Design

• Creating PDD.
• Creating test cases and data.
• Designing the solution.


Workflow Development

• Building the workflows.
• Performing UT and FT.
• Creating DSD.


Quality Assurance

• Executing the test cases.
• Reporting the results.
• Making the Go/No Go decision.



• Performing workflow support.
• Managing Changes and Improvements.

You ask 'Why us?' - We say 'It's on us'

We have UiPath certified competence who have full life cycle implementation experience of enterprise RPA automation use cases. We ride on an unfair advantage of skill (Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing/Deep Learning), augmenting the manual processes/tasks which are hard to automate, to partial human assisted or 100% completely automated processes.

Application Areas

Banking and Finance
Energy and Utilities

Technologies That We Use - we use UiPath, Q1 market leader in RPA

  • Hyper automation
  • UI Path studio
  • AI Fabric
  • Orchestrator
  • VB Scripting
  • JavaScript
  • API
  • Custom activity creation
  • UI Path
We Like to Start Your Project With Us

We Like to Start Your Project With Us

We assist companies in elevating their notion of what’s possible when our limitless technology expertise is interfaced with an inquisitive understanding of their business goals. Let’s talk about how we can create something awesome together.

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